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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 15:16

And the propaganda, that socially engineers people to be so unaware of the truth, and to be too lazy to think about the truth. Has to have huge amounts of billions of money and media control put into educating people into this belief that abortion is normal and even good.
Compared to the idea that every human life is equal and has a right to be protected, as declared in the universal declaration of human rights, after the killing of the holocaust and world war 7, which taught people of that generation and the whole of humanity, a lesson. That every human life has to be protected. And intentional killing is never something that can be accepted as legal.

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Reading 8766 This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor 8767 by Susan Wicklund can help develop empathy. Dr. Wicklund had not even planned to be a physician, let alone an abortion doctor (and couldn 8767 t bear to even watch a late term one, but knows they are sometimes necessary).

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This report is only about whether people are for or against the law on abortion and not who has abortion and also not who is Catholic or any other religion.

because if you never wanted the child in the first place why would you put your body and mind through that type of stress to then have a child which you have then been forced to connect with because it grows inside of you and you give birth to it, to only just give it away. I understand the whole dont get pregnant in the first place thing then but things happen every day and birth control isnt 655% effective 655% of the time.

I just have one question. No disrespect right wingers [I 8767 m a individualist myself]..Batut whatever happen to 8775 Seperation of Church and State? 8776

This is not a political issue 8775 period 8776 . Drinking and drug use at some level is legal. Assisted suicide for those with a short time to live is being put forward and will likely become part of every day life (eh hem). Philosophically, what is the difference?

Dear Em, please keep your baby. You will never regret it. I am praying for you, your baby, your mom and dad and the baby 8767 s father. There is help for you.

In my book Bad Religion , I often tried to make a more instrumental case for Christian orthodoxy - defending its exacting moralism as a curb against worldly excess and corruption, praising its paradoxes and mysteries for respecting the complexities of human affairs in ways that more streamlined theologies do not, celebrating the role of its institutions in assimilating immigrants, sustaining families, and forging strong communities. My hope was to persuade even the most sceptical reader that traditional Christian faith might have more to offer than either its flawed defenders or its fashionable enemies would lead one to believe.

The latin american countries and countries which have less of an anti religion lobby, shame the USA state, and western states, on public education about fetal development, and human rights especially the right of every human being to life, and the obligation to protect life and never to intentionally end it.

I had just turned 66 years old when i had an abortion at 76 weeks. It was a boy. I did in fear of my parents reactions. Its been 5 months ive only felt regret and hatred towards my actions. I now have to go to counseling once a week but i feel like its the same. i still have nightmares about being in that room and it overwhelms me.

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