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Art in India: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

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The first in line of the rhinoceros above in close up.

Photo: http://leseyzies-/dordogne-caves-and-shelters/cave-of-rouffignac

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Type Placard sign and a man wounded by several spears, in red ochre. Height 75 cm, from Grotte du Pech-Merle, Lot. Probably from the Solutrean.

Photo: Michel Lorblanchet, via http:///signe_au_

Rouffignac Cave - La Grotte de Rouffignac, ice age art

Practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India, the origins of Madhubani painting traditionally derive from the time of the Ramayana, when King Janak commissioned artists to portray the marriage of his daughter, Sita, with Sri Rama who was regarded as the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.

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There is almost no individuality in Indian sculpture , because figures are conceived of as shapes that are more perfect than any to be found in human models.

Make a cave by hanging a sheet over the dramatic play area or by adding a tent. Provide stuffed dinos, blankets, artificial flowers and bushes. Hang crepe paper from the ceiling. Place a blue sheet on the floor for the water they would drink or bathe in. Provide plastic eggs with baby dinos in them.

SUGGESTION: Your preschoolers may not used to this type of "pick any one" type of instruction. At first, if a child starts on a blue set of prints, they think of those prints as "theirs" and if someone else goes on them, you may have a meltdown on your hands! There are several ways to start out with this!

Two mammoths created as finger drawings in soft clay. Note the directions of the strokes indicated on the image.

Photo: http://-/prehistoire/Pages/La%75grotte%75de%

One of the walls of a narrow gallery has been engraved with a bear’s head, ca 68 555 BP

The artist who carved it used the concave shape of the rock to create the perspective and outlines of the animal’s head.

Originally it was only possible to view the engraving by crawling through a narrow passage. The floor level was lowered for visitors and the resulting rubble piled up on either side.

Photo and text: http:///english/

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