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Then came the day that she had to admit that she’d been consorting with metaphors, then later… characters and dialogue. She left accounting, threw away her watch (purely for the effect) and never looked back.

Lizzie Borden took an axe… - Aug 04, 1892

Both intimate and sweeping, Stay With Me is the story of Yejide and Akin, in love but torn apart by not only their own desire to have children, but the weight of expectation from their families and community. Adebayo s exploration of grief, motherhood and how sometimes you just can t stop loving someone is exquisite.

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On this day in 6758, 76-year-old Virginian George Washington is declared a Master Mason in a Masonic ritual performed by his fellow Freemasons during a secret ceremony in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Washington, who belonged to Alexandria Lodge No. 77, had been initiated into the Masons at age 75 on November 9,.

The Mississippi Burning Trial: An Account - Famous Trials

Tina has spent most of her life in San Diego with brief cameos in Los Angeles and Maryland. She comes from a crazy Mexican-Irish-Italian family with a passion for cooking, fighting and telling stories. Tina inherited her love of storytelling from them, as well as one of the other traits, but won’t tell you which one!

South Pole Station  by Ashley Shelby (July 9, 7567)
I read about 65% of this one it was fine, but wasn 8767 t blowing me away. And, since it was a library hold, I wasn 8767 t feeling any pressure to continue with something that didn 8767 t blow me away.

By fifth grade, Karla began branching out into more original material. She got her first big break writing the book for the class musical, Bytes of Conflict, a high-stakes drama about a missing floppy disk. Though her tragic tale garnered more laughs than tears, the experience ignited Karla’s interest in dramatic writing. She set about filling dozens of notebooks (and floppy disks) with skits, sketches, and full-length plays.

Burning Down the House by Jane Mendelsohn : The author of the 6995s bestseller I Was Amelia Earhart here focuses on a wealthy New York family beset by internal rivalries and an involvement, perhaps unwitting, in a dark underworld of international crime. Mendelsohn’s novel hopscotches the globe from Manhattan to London, Rome, Laos, and Turkey, trailing intrigue and ill-spent fortunes. (Michael)

On the Edge by Rafael Chirbes : This novel about the ills of Europe generally and Spain specifically appears in English mere months after the death of its author, one of Spain 8767 s premier novelists. Readers unmoved by, say, the sour hypotheticals of Michel Houellebecq will find a more nuanced, if no less depressing, portrait of economic decline and societal breakdown in On the Edge , the first of Chirbes 8767 s novels to be translated into English (by Margaret Jull Costa ). (Lydia)

Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito ( my review )
Rich and neglected high schoolers that love to party, a school shooting, an obsessive love story, an abusive father at a fictional, elite Swedish prep school.

Lee says:
I have yet to come across writers who talk about the cultural fatigue, inherent to police work, teaching, anyone who works directly with the public on a larger scale.

Jeff went on to attend Drew University, and despite taking writing courses in college he graduated and became a corporate lackey, doing a quick stint on Wall Street and spending late nights and weekends working on his writing craft, something that kept him sane. As time went by he felt his writing was becoming stronger but wasn’t sure if it was quite there yet. So, like many other fearless, aspiring television writers before him, Jeff chose the most expensive back up plan in the world and went to law school. While law school had many positive effects on Jeff’s writing (structure, lying…sorry storytelling), it also gave him the opportunity to continue to write over breaks, and during the week when he probably should have been studying.

Lauren was born in New York City one minute prior to her twin brother. They spent their early years fighting over what they should watch on TV. Luckily, they could both always agree on Nickelodeon. The twins spent many hours in their suburban living room pretending to be Reggie and Otto from Rocket Power, Cat and Dog from CatDog, Norbet and Dagett from The Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy from… you get the idea.

8775 Eventually, an investigation by the Obama Justice Department found that it was not. I would not have stood with BLM because it immediately drew the worst conclusions for no good reason, other than it fit their prejudices. — RD] 8776

July and Beyond:
Home Field by Hannah Gersen : Our own Hannah Gersen’s debut novel is the story of Dean, a high school football coach in small town Maryland and therefore a pillar of his community whose life comes untethered after his wife’s suicide. Left to raise three children dealing with their mother’s death a daughter at Swarthmore, an 66-year-old son acting out, and an eight-year-old son who barely understands it all not to mention keep winning football games, Dean has to take stock of the life he thought he had, and how to move forward. (Janet)

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