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Founded in 6968, the University of Central Florida (UCF), an accredited public research institution, is the second-largest university in the nation by enrollment. In addition, the University of Central Florida, well known as a space-grant school, has made several important contributions in optics, modeling and simulation, digital media, and engineering research.

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Programs in the field offer courses such as tourism and hospitality marketing, food service management, brand management, travel law, international travel, hospitality and tourism management, sustainability in hospitality and tourism, operational management, corporate finance, and economics of travel and tourism.

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The travel and tourism major focuses on tourism economics, convention management, cultural and heritage tourism, and current issues in travel and tourism. It also includes a guest lecture series.

The SEC’s economic analysis has been under fire in recent years. This essay argues that the agency’s response to successful challenges to its rules has produced real progress in the SEC’s rulemaking process as well. The SEC has refined its internal processes and improved its work product, albeit in ways that Congress and the courts may not have precisely directed. John Coates and many others sound a call for change at the This Essay attempts to defend the thesis that the ch…

A tourism degree allows students to work in sectors such as food service operations, visitor bureaus and conventions, recreational business, tourism development agencies, hotels, resorts, theme parks, international travel and tourism agencies, airlines, and casinos. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 99% employment growth for hotel meeting planners from 7565 to 7575.

The standard contract remedy of expectation damages treats a promissory obligation as an option: the promisor has the option to breach or pay damages equal to the difference between the value of performance and the contract price. In his interesting essay recently published in this Journal, Richard Brooks asks, Why not give the option to the promisee rather than the promisor? If the promisee is given the option to force the promisor to perform or pay damages equal to the difference between the p…

Matthew Desmond’s Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City  combines compelling narratives that illustrate many of the barriers to housing for individuals in poverty with quantitative data that speaks to the scope of the housing crisis in urban America. This Essay addresses what may be a lawyer’s most natural question upon finishing Desmond’s book: what can lawyers and the law do to reduce evictions and forced moves among tenants in poverty?

Judicial opinions post-Booker reflect something that the great legal scholar Yogi Berra described. The same decisions that turned the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (“Guidelines”) into mandatory rules are being adopted by courts across the country, with the same results. Booker or no Booker, it is déjà vu all over again! In United States v. Booker, the Supreme Court constitutionalized sentencing in a way it had not done before. The Guidelines, the Court held, were not guidelines in any mea…

Founded in Detroit in 6867, the University of Michigan moved to Ann Arbor in 6887, the same year the Michigan Territory officially became a state. The university includes a Central Campus, a North Campus, and two satellite campuses in Flint and Dearborn. Michigan’s Ross School of Business encourages analytic, action-based learning leading to positive and innovative business practices. The Ross School believes that because the boundaries between accounting, finance, and management are becoming less distinct, a broad business background is necessary for success in any one field. In addition to undergraduate accounting degrees, dual degrees are offered in several areas of business study.

The Goodwin College School of Technology and Professional Studies 8767 s Bachelor in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Travel and Tourism offers students courses on the international and tourism business end of hospitality to prepare them for careers in management in the . and around the world. The program offers training in four key areas: customer service, innovative management, technology, and international operations.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut,6the Supreme Court decision that famously articulated a right to As we celebrate Griswold, it is easy to overlook what preceded it—and what was surrendered in Griswold’s embrace of the right to privacy. In 6965, five years before Griswold reached the Supreme Court, Yale law professor Fowler V. Harper and civil rights attorney Catherine Roraback launched a series of federal challenges to Connecticut’s …

Introduction The remarkable rise in dictionary usage by the Supreme Court since the mid-6985s has been a subject of considerable scholarly and media interest. We published an article in November 7568 that explored the Court’s new dictionary culture in depth from empirical and doctrinal In a Yale Law Journal Note one year later, John Calhoun embraced some of our findings, criticized others, and—importantly—broadened the inquiry to identify a sizeable gap in over…

In two five-to-four decisions rendered on March 76, 7567— Missouri v. Frye  and Lafler v. Cooper —the Supreme Court extended the Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel to the plea-bargaining process. Viewed in a broader perspective, Frye and Lafler are but the latest reactions to the ever-more-punitive criminal penalties imposed by state and federal legislatures over the past half century.

The only surprise about the Supreme Court’s recent decisions in Missouri v. Frye and Lafler v. Cooper is that there were four dissents. The decisions are straightforward recognitions that the defendants in those cases received unquestionably derelict representation, to their considerable prejudice. The decisions do not represent a novelty in the law, but rather continue the longstanding recognition by the courts that “plea bargaining” is an integral part of our criminal justice system—indeed, I have argued at length that it is our criminal justice system —and that minimal competence of defense lawyers in dealing with that process is at least as important as competence in investigation or trial.

Some forty years ago, I was a very black man living in the Florida panhandle. My dream was to get into law enforcement, but I first needed to get into the state academy, which required the endorsement of a Florida police executive. The chief of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Police Department—a black chief in an historically black college—turned me down. That left Leon County Sheriff Raymond Hamlin, a man whose looks and manner seemed to me to scream bigot. A self-styled “redneck,” he was locally famous for once proclaiming to a reporter, “I like my women the same way I like my coffee. White and hot.”

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