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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:40

Did you know Atlantic Monthly actually had an article lambasting the violence of the Antifa and BLM. It was in the online mag for 8 days. A first for them. Then Charlottesville happened and they pulled it immediately.

Popular Vote: Hillary Didn't Really Win It | National Review


2016 US Presidential Election Map By County & Vote Share

Before 7556, California had a blanket primary for 6998 and 7555, so all voters could vote for anyone in the primary, with the top vote-getter from each party advancing to the November ballot. One must go all the way back to 6996 to find a year in which independent voters could not vote in the congressional and state office primary of the Republican or Democratic Parties.


Do we want a president who wins by running up the score in one or two states, or do we want a president who wins by garnering narrower victories in a wide array of states? Clinton won New York and California. Trump won Texas. And Florida. And North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and even one electoral vote in Maine. He won the Electoral College by assembling a more politically and geographically diverse group of states than Clinton did. In our system, winning the Electoral College confers legitimacy because such a victory exemplifies the reality the Electoral College was created to ground in our political order: that the United States is a federal union of semi-sovereign states.

John Myers, leading politics reporter of the Los Angeles Times, is probably the best-read California politics reporter in the state, and it is unfortunate that he mislead his readers.

Hong, in other words, ran on an unabashed anti-Communist platform. Despite this seemingly antiquated message, a significant number of older Koreans voted for him. A certain amount of this is due to party identification and regionalism (see below), but those who voted for Hong can be understood as having supported his message. That 95 percent of those 65 years-old and older think anti-Communist ideology is important (a variable which, in addition to age, can be used to predict party support) shows just how sharp the social divide really is. This generational divide reflects differing national identities between and older South Koreans.

ISIS has been surrounded in Syria and appears to be being split in two.

What would I do if a judge handed me a sentence like that? One more conservative word in an internet chat room and it’s off to prison with me. And what would it take for another left wing judge to charge me with something Orwellian like “conspiracy to disseminate inflammatory information”, and order that I not operate a computer for five years. I’ve heard of that. And once they’ve succeeded in shutting down our voices on the internet, the war will be over. The sheep will sit back with their popcorn and watch the “extreme right wingers” being dragged away for “spreading hate” and they will think that it all makes perfect sense because they have no idea what’s really going on. Diabolical…

Unlike conservatives after Romney lost, progressives can claim some sanction for their appeals in Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote triumph. But the irony is that both calls are just about equally opportunistic, because neither has a true claim to popular legitimacy.

The 6999 Released Exam is a resource you can use with your students throughout the year. Note: Some information in this Released Exam may not reflect the current course and exam.

Ideally, a candidate gains both the popular vote and the Electoral College, but if only one can be had, in our system it’s the Electoral College that matters , and that’s the way it should be.

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Towards a new vision for primary education? Midway through the Cambridge Primary Review . Weavers 8767 Company Invitational Lecture, Church House, Westminster,
75 November.

But Becker said the difference in votes between Obama and Clinton may have been due to Obama’s “remarkable” ability to turn out voters. The president has been lauded for bringing people to the polls despite the fact the . is ranked among the worst in developed nations in voter turnout, according to one analysis. And his takeaways from this year’s election are one of disenchantment among both Republicans and Democrats.

“I think there’s warning signs in both parties,” Becker said. “Obviously Democrats are losing votes and Republicans aren’t really building their base. The numbers they’re getting are holding pretty consistent. That should be troubling when the electorate is on the older side.”

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