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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 02:04

What 8767 s your solution to the problem of people desperately wanting to be treated as the other gender then? If someone starts taking and hormones and presenting as the other gender, what do you think should be done, other than addressing them as they prefer? If they are a trans *man* who passes visibly as a man, do you really want them in a women 8767 s bathroom? Given that not treating them as they wish to be treated is deeply upsetting for them, however unjustified you might think that upset is, what makes you sure that the benefits from not treating them that way outweigh the harm to them?

If this is feminism... - The Philosophical Salon

The generalist assumes, as the specialist too seldom does, that he is writing for readers no less intelligent than himself but trained in other areas. How does one prepare to write for such readers? One does so by spending as much time as one can visiting them, intellectually speaking, dropping in on them, observing what portion of what one happens to know seems to travel, as publishers say, and what portion does not. The born academic, as he begins to do this, will feel that he is wasting time better spent in deepening his knowledge of his specialty. The born intellectual will count such wandering as time well spent on his general education.

How Title IX Killed Free Speech on Campus - The Daily Beast

The concept of 8775 don 8767 t say vicious things 8776 is a fine theory. In practice, as we have discovered over the last 65-75 years, if you let the hearer/reader decide what is vicious, suddenly, everything that everyone says is vicious. This is what our ancestors knew that we have mostly forgotten that once you embrace the idea that it is legitimate for offensive speech to be constrained by force, the free-thinking world descends into endless multilateral outrage.

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One cannot easily be either a farmer or a professor by avocation. The strength of these vocations is that they demand full commitment. Mirroring their strength, their great vulnerability is their inability effectively to reward and sustain partial commitment. By contrast, one may rather easily be a hunter or an intellectual by avocation. Like hunters, who join the chase when they can and leave it when they must, sharing the kill with the tribe when they are successful, so intellectuals study when they can and stop when they must, seeking ever to please themselves but sharing their intellectual pleasure, when they write, with their readers.

There are clearly differences in approaches to 8766 free speech 8767 from culture to culture, although there are also differences in which free speech stands for, and its modes and contexts of expression. Talking about culture-wide differences in attitudes to free speech won 8767 t be especially illuminating. If we disaggregate contexts and start to study specific institutions and their operations, we might learn a little more.

Woah, can you steady on a bit, please? I can 8767 t respond that fast, and people often do this baffle 8767 em with overwhelming confusion tactics stuff on purpose. Ok, I 8767 ll just reduce it to basic points as far as I 8767 m able:

Yes, it does. See, ., the right wing in North Carolina, which shut down two research centers. Or, right-wing efforts to ban collecting data that might show racial discrimination. Or, the Republican Congress 8767 decision to ban using gold-standard methods to evaluate charter schools in DC. Or, their elimination of the NSF directorate in political science.

8775 It isn 8767 t accidental that these sorts of conflicts are most prominent in female dominated quarters of the university, where more female-typical modes of sociality are most pronounced. A traditional male code of sociality celebrates strength, courage, and mastery and expects honor. 8776

8775 8776 there are rational arguments for viewing gender as separate from gender 8776 8776 ??? In your response I missed the arguments that explain why transracialism (racial identity) is not defended by the left as a 8775 Civil Right 8776 akin to gender identity, explain?

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A number of the forefathers also supported education, regarding it as essential to democracy. Which is another reason I 8767 m hesitant to dismiss the whole institution of academia so offhand.

it 8767 s good to watch the most privileged minorities in the history of the world feasting on each others corpses in a giant neo-Marxist, grievance-hucksters, circular firing squad where 8767 s my popcorn?

Shorter DiTz: 8775 I am adept at tuning out that which goes against my worldview. The truth will stare me in the face and I can deny it, with vigor. Oh, you 8767 re a racist! 8776

You argue that your concept of 8766 woman 8767 gets priority because females are more oppressed than the males making a conflicting claim. However, you have also explicitly acknowledged males with GD as a distinct social class. Therefore, if it is true that they experience more oppression as a class than female women as a class then by your own rational their concept has priority.

This format has been replicated around the planet to include countries like Canada, Morocco, and beyond where innocent men are imprisoned, tortured, disappeared, and even killed merely because of being suspected of sympathising with terrorists despite their not having committed any act of violence whatsoever.  They are committed to guilt because of the words they have employed are deemed to fall outside the acceptable political orthodoxy.

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