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Poe's The Cask of Amontillado: Summary and Analysis

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 20:59

8775 Shadows of shadows passing. It is now 6886, and as always, I am absorbed with a
delicate thought. It is how poetry has indefinite sensations, to which end music is an
essential, since the comprehension of sweet sound is our most indefinite conception.
Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry music, without the idea, is
simply music. Without music, or an intriguing idea, colour becomes pallor, man
becomes carcass, home becomes catacomb, and the dead are, but for a moment,
motionless 8775

Short Stories: The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

After the album was completed and manufactured, Orson Welles made a recording which was used as part of the initial presentation of the album in Los Angeles. Parts of this recording were later incorporated into the digital re-mixed CD version.

At the end of The Cask of Amontillado, does Montresor

Montresor tells Fortunato, 'Your health is precious,' knowing, of course, his plan to end his life. Fortunato even drinks a toast to the dead when they are in the catacombs, not knowing that he will be joining them shortly. While these details may initially appear to be simply interesting pieces of the story, we can see that they are far more intentional, adding to the overall effect.

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I broke and reached him a flagon of De Grave. He emptied it at a breath. His eyes flashed with a fierce light. He laughed and threw the bottle upwards with a gesticulation I did not understand.

So, nothing like a story about burying someone alive, right? This particular short story is known as Poe's perfect piece, with each piece of information, each step of the plot, being intentionally prepared and executed (no pun intended). Poe called this the unity of effect. Everything is relevant, especially each part of the plot.

And still the raven
Remains in my room
No matter how much I implore
No words can soothe him
No prayer remove him
And I must hear for evermore

I believed in my dreams
Nothing could change my mind
(Nothing can save me)
(Nothing can save me)
(Nothing can save me now)
Till I found what they mean
Nothing can save me now

By the last breath of the four winds that blow
I’ll have revenge upon Fortunato
Smile in his face I’ll say ‘come let us go
I’ve a cask of Amontillado’

There were no attendants at home they had absconded to make merry in hour of the time. I had told them that I should not return until the morning, and had given them explicitly orders not to stir from the house. These orders were sufficient, I well knew, to insure their immediate disappearance, one and all, as soon as my back was turned.

All tracks written by Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons except 8766 The Fall of the
House of Usher 8767 written by Eric Woolfson, Alan Parsons & Andrew Powell
Published by Woolfsongs Ltd/ Careers Music Inc
Administered by Universal Music
Originally released 6976.
(c) 6976, (p) 6987 The Island Def Jam Music Group

You who are rich and whose troubles are few
May come around to see my point of view
What price the Crown of a King on his throne
When you’re chained in the dark all alone

Finally, the resolution is the conclusion of the story. All of the problems are solved all loose ends are tied. We learn that Montresor is old, and the events he described happened fifty years before. We know he was successful.

8775 For my own part, I have never had a thought which I could not set down in words,
with even more distinctness than that which I conceived it.
There is however a class of fancies, of exquisite delicacy, which are not thoughts, and
to which, as yet, I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt to language. These
fancies arise in the soul (alas, how rarely!) only at epochs of most intense tranquility
when the bodily and mental health are in perfection and at those mere points of
time where the confines of the waking world blend with the world of dreams.
And so I captured this fancy, where all that we see or seem is but a dream within
a dream. 8776

Third, Montresor is finally  saying rest in peace to his 6555 undefined grievances against Fortunato.  His revenge complete, he can now lay to rest his dispute with this enemy.   

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