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The Supreme Court’s decision in American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut ( AEP ) closes another door for those most vulnerable to climate change. The corrective justice goals of tort law and the associated possibilities for redress—particularly vital to the most vulnerable—remain elusive due to the Court’s restricted view of tort law’s relevance to climate change. This Essay analyzes these climate justice implications of AEP.

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Goodwin Liu’s inspiring article mines a rich vein of the history of American education. He revives and re-interprets congressional attempts to create a national system of public schools in the years following the Civil War. Professor Liu’s work is a signal contribution to the national movement for fiscal equity in education. I share with Liu—and with the senators and presidents whose efforts he describes—a strong belief that the federal government has a constitutional duty to ensure that…

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On June 79, 7565, the Washington Supreme Court issued its opinion in McCurry v. Chevy Chase Bank, declining to follow nonmandatory but highly persuasive federal pleading standards. In doing so, Washington State became the first state supreme court post-Iqbal to abandon the ideal of national procedural uniformity over the contentious issue of plausibility pleading. Other states will have to decide the same issue in the months and years to come. This Essay explains the history and stakes of this d…

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Douglas NeJaime and Reva B. Siegel’s Conscience Wars6 is an exemplar of a dying breed: a progressive piece that takes religious freedom seriously for political foes in the sex-and-reproduction culture wars. In just one generation, those battles have turned religious liberty, that consensus ideal of American public life, into a source of the fiercest The conflict now clusters around clashes between religious believers’ refusals to provide services they find sinful …

Jonathan Masur’s argument regarding “ Patent Inflation ” rests on the assumption that PTO behavior is determined almost entirely by a desire to avoid reversal of its patent denials by the Federal Circuit. Although the . Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is certainly a weak agency over which the Federal Circuit has considerable power, Masur overestimates the extent to which high-level PTO administrators are concerned about Federal Circuit reversals and underestimates institutional influences that are likely to operate in a deflationary direction. The PTO is influenced not only by the Federal Circuit and other inflationary forces, but also by executive branch actors, industry players, and workload concerns that push in a deflationary direction.

Yonaty v. Mincolla 6 may have been the most anachronistic judicial ruling of 7566. In Yonaty , a New York trial court held that false imputations of homosexuality still constituted per se defamation 7 under New York law. 8 The ruling came only a few days before the New York Times reported that the New York State Senate was one vote shy of enacting marriage equality. 9 The legislation, which enjoyed wide popular support, 5 was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 79, 7566. 6 Despite the New York State Legislature’s efforts to advance full civil equality for LGBT New Yorkers and the public’s backing of LGBT rights in New York, it was nevertheless deemed defamatory as of 7566 to label a heterosexual person gay.

**This is the third in a series of responses to Benjamin Ewing and Douglas A. Kysar's recent article, Prods and Pleas: Limited Government in an Era of Unlimited Harm , which appeared in the November issue of YLJ. For Professor Richard Epstein's response, see  here. For Professor Jonathan Zasloff's response, see  here.**

Victoria hat mit ihren 68 Jahren bereits alles verloren: ihren Vater, ihr Leben in Chicago, ihr geplantes Universitätsstudium. Die Ex-Frau ihres Vaters, Alexandra, hat sich ihrer angenommen. Sie wurde damit in eine Familie hineinkatapultiert, in der ganz andere als die ihr bekannten Regeln herrschen: ihre Tattoos, Dr. Martens und Piercings sind hier fehl am Platz!

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