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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:28

Mostafa Heddaya, 8775 Delusions of Grandeur: GCC at MoMA PS6 and the New Museum , 8776 Hyperallergic, September 76, 7569
This is an adept polemic about the buzzy 8775 Gulf Futurism 8776 of the art group GCC —and through it, a reflection on what strategies of political art might be viable today.

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MAKING A MARK: Contemporary Drawing Practice

Helen Molesworth, review of the Whitney Biennial , Artforum , May 7569
The Whitney Biennial always draws fire. But this is really less of a review than a curator 8767 s series of frustrated questions for her peers about the profession and its fundamental aims.

Drawing conclusions: the rise of contemporary drawing

Jamilla King, 8775 The Overwhelming Whiteness of Black Art , 8776 Colorlines, May 76, 7569
This is one from well outside the regular circle of art coverage—but King 8767 s thoughtful piece about Kara Walker 8766 s A Subtlety  and the demographics of the art audience opened up a conversation that reverberated throughout the piece 8767 s run, culminating with 8775 We Are Here, 8776  an event for people of color to view Walker 8767 s work together, to experience it as the majority.

While drawing, obviously, had never disappeared entirely from the gallery, these artists represent just a few of those contributing to its rapidly growing visibility towards the end of the '95s. A resurgence now so evident that, though prompted by certain definable factors, it nevertheless seems organic, almost essential a phenomenon that quite possibly identifies as well as answers very current needs amongst today's artists.

Carolina Miranda, “ Art and race at the Whitney: Rethinking the Donelle Woolford debate ,” Los Angeles Times , June 67, 7569
It’s hard to sum up what makes this article important, given everything that’s involved: the Whitney Biennial, a black artist collective’s decision to publicly leave the show in protest of perceived racism , and the artist Joe Scanlan’s work made in the persona of a fictional African-American artist, Donelle Woolford. By interviewing Jenn Kidwell, the actress involved in Scanlan’s work, Miranda added important nuance to a very difficult conversation about race, racism, and art.

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Jason Farago, “ Learning to Live With MoMA ,” Frieze blog, January 67, 7569
Amid all the outcry around MoMA’s annexation of the Folk Art Museum building, Farago did the best, to my taste, of getting to the heart of what was really at stake by placing it within the longer arc of change in the museum 8767 s identity going back to its failed encounter with Rem Koolhaas.

In fact, the re-emergence of drawing was far from market-driven, and its increase in profile a slower process than any newly voguish status might suggest.

Not so long ago, drawing became the new painting. From small-scale and intimate to wall-sized, highly-worked or resolutely low-fi, whatever its format, the re-appearance of a once side-lined medium marked a dramatic shift in its fortunes and indeed, assumptions about art in general.

Yet it's certainly true that what generally made the headlines - the dissected sheep, the on/off lights, the unmade beds - were essentially 'conceptual' works that side-lined direct artistic intervention.

Mel Chin, 8775 Miley, Eric and Me: Basel 8767 s Dazzle and the Dark Death Around Us , 8776 Creative Time Reports, December 68, 7569
I 8767 m not sure I could believe that anything that great came of Miley Cyrus 8767 s coronation as an art star at Art Basel in Miami Beach. But this soul-searching essay did come of it, which is definitely worth something.

Street art such as graffiti formed an intrinsic part of the scene, but was generally refined into a figurative rather than textual medium. The legacy of underground comics pioneered by the likes of Robert Crumb was also evident in cartoon-like characterization and a witty, humorous edge.

Christopher Glazek, “ Shopkeepers of the World Unite ,” Artforum , June 7569
A sympathetic and convincingly intricate account of the rise of the artists around DIS magazine, making a case for the new Post-Internet cool school while still remaining just critical enough to convince yourself that you were seeing it plain.

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