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Homer essay questions

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 15:16

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Heughan told ELLE that, “something like 55 percent of our audience in the . are men. And that's interesting. And the show wasn't made specifically for women, you know. It just happens to have a female lead character. I think there's something in there for every guy. There's a lot more graphic scenes, but not just intimate scenes. There's violence.”

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But there must be no translation slavery for line length. It might seem that 75 syllables is much for a modern poetry line, but it does fit nicely in a printed page. Shakespeare's relaxed pentameter has around ten syllable more or less, it is swift and easy to read. It would seem that a Homeric translator might find 65 syllables a good compromise between the English pentameter and the Homeric line, something that can be read without strain but not sacrificing length and flow entirely.

It’s also true that many of the people who get into Oxbridge will be used to coming top. For some, meeting the competition is inspiring, but others might be disheartened to be dropped into a larger pond.

“You’re not there to tell the writer, ‘Chris, you can’t have a Flukeman that’s half-man, half-worm,’” she explained of her role in the production. “But you want to come up with something reasonable.” (Simon is also the author of The Real Science Behind the X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites, and Mutants .)

Dear all I'm currently embarking on Robert Fitzgerald's translation of The Illiad for OUP. At lines 779-85, he says, 'bronze fills all your huts, bronze and the hottest girls..' Can anyone enlighten me on whether he is taking liberties with the translation, or whether Homer really had a sideline writing copy for 'FHM'? Cheers Nick.

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We asked Mike Sewell, the new director of admissions at Cambridge, and Peter Claus, the first full-time access don at an Oxford college, what students need to know to maximise their chances. Here is their step-by-step guide:

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