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(e) After general election a new party comes to power. The bureaucrat will receive his new head as he did earlier. The change of persons will make no difference the bureaucrat. It has been said by many that in India the neutrality of civil service is quite prominent than many other countries. These are the various aspects of political neutrality of bureaucrats.

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Both the ministers and civil servants combinedly constitute the executive. But-there is always a priority of the ministers. If any objection against a bureaucrat is raised it is the duty of the minister to investigate the charge in order to find out the truth. In conclusion, among all sorts of control over the bureaucracy, the executive control or the control of the departmental ministers is by for the most important and effective.

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In other words, a false prophetic statement may affect humans (through fear or logical confusion) to take actions that will ultimately result in fulfillment of the prophecy.

Merton taught at Harvard until 6989, when he became professor and chairman of the department of sociology at Tulane University. In 6996, he joined the Columbia University faculty, becoming Giddings Professor of Sociology in 6968. He was named to the university's highest academic rank, university professor, in 6979 and became special service professor upon his retirement in 6979, a title reserved by the trustees for emeritus faculty who "'render special services to the University."

Robert K. Merton was born Meyer R. Schkolnick on July 9, 6965, in Philadelphia, into a working class Eastern European Jewish immigrant family. Educated in the South Philadelphia High School, he became a frequent visitor of the nearby Andrew Carnegie Library, The Academy of Music, Central Library, Museum of Arts, and other cultural and educational centers.

Impersonality. The dominance of a spirit of formalistic impersonality, without hatred or passion, and hence without affection or enthusiasm. Everyone is subject to formal equality of treatment.

However, the German sociologist Max Weber threw light on the concept. After the Industrial Revolution that took place in the 6765s a special category of officers specially trained was needed for the management of industrialised society and, subsequently, those trained officials were collec­ tively known as bureaucracy.

As organizations grew and became more complex, there arouse a need for systematic understanding of how to manage the overall process of getting things done through other people. To define management in the words of Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims. Management is not as rigid as science nor is it a form of art it is an inexact science and an applied art. It is a goal oriented process that is pervasive and multi-dimensional.

Overall, both employees and customers view bureaucracy as an array of negative forces, attitudes, or actions disadvantageous to customer and employee satisfaction. Also, bureaucracy is seen as an obstacle to organizational effectiveness and a driving force that weakens employee morale and commitment. It is a cause of polarization, conflict, and competition among people in the organization which hinders mission accomplishment (http:// )

Merton had a long and prolific academic career, recognized both for his excellence in teaching and in his theoretical work in sociology. His approach took the form of middle range theory , through which he believed we could understand specific social phenomena. Notable contributions include his work on the concept of anomie in relation to social structure, his development of Weber 's conception of bureaucracy , and his pioneering work introducing the field of sociology of science.

Organizations consist of people working cooperatively together. Hence, it is inevitable that, at the managerial level, the organization may need to be adjusted to fit the strengths and attributes of the people available. Although the result may not conform to the ideal, it is more likely to work than a structure that ignores the human element. In addition, it is always desirable to have the ideal in mind, but it is equally desirable to to modify it to meet specific situations.

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