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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 05:40

I am now into my second semester here at Ithaca College. My first finals week was not actually as bad as I was expecting! After Finals I got to fly home and see the lovely family.

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One of my absolute favorite things about any city, is the graffiti. I especially love the art in San Jose, it is absolutely fantastic. These are some of my favorite graffitis that I have seen, and been able to get a picture of!

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Decided to go on a hike the other day with some friends, so we headed to the Robert H. Treman State Park! We did a great little 9 mile loop and saw some beautiful forests and waterfalls.

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This summer I was a workaholic. I often got the comment, 8775 You work too much. 8776 or 8775 Why do you work so much? 8776 Yes I did work a lot, around 75-75 hours a week. The answer why I work so much, I 8767 m moving to New York!

During Thanksgiving break my amazing dorm neighbor Mara (we also did crew together)  invited me to come home with her. Mara lives in Rockville, Maryland. Mara was a fantastic guide, we got to do some awesome on-a-budget-poor-college-student sightseeing!  First things first.. Rockville has a CAFE RIO!!! I was soo excited. I miss Mexican food every single day. *They did not have Mexican cokes.

Our homemade 8775 schedule 8776 of adventures! We made it to almost every sight! Every morning we would follow our Crew workout schedule, then make lunches (a fantastic way to eat healthy and save money on food) and drive to the metro stop to get into DC.

My fantastic mother flew out here with me to help me get all moved in, settle in and party for a couple days. We once again used airbnb, my previous airbnb love was booked out so we decided to branch out and try another place. It was almost as amazing! Located above Ithaca surrounded by a beautiful forested yard, it was perfect! Once again proof that airbnb is absolutely amazing. We were far enough away from town but still close enough for it to be convenient.

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